Other States' Coverage Program Guidelines

 General Account Eligibility Requirements
For employers based in Oklahoma who meet each of the following criteria:

  • The employer’s principal operation is within the state of Oklahoma. Typically this means an employer’s primary location is in Oklahoma.
  • The employer’s operations outside of Oklahoma are permanent.
  • The employer must have a minimum of three years in business or provide a written verification of management experience in similar business: i.e. resume.
  • The employer’s uninsured subcontracted exposure must be below 20 percent by state (confirmed with audit or loss prevention).
  • The employer’s Oklahoma operation is insured through CompSource.
  • The employer is in good standing with CompSource. 
Eligible States
All states are eligible for our other states' coverage program except the “monopolistic states” of North Dakota, Ohio, Washington and Wyoming.


Program Exclusions
Operations that do not qualify for coverage under this program:

  • Temporary Employment Agencies
  • Administrative Payroll Service Organization
  • Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)
  • Any business with operations falling under the jurisdiction of the following Federal Acts: Defense Base Act, Outer Continental Shelf Act, Jones Act, Admiralty and Maritime Act, Federal Employers’ Liability Act and Federal Coal Mine Health & Safety Act
  • United States Longshore and Harbor Act (incidental exposure may qualify)
  • Manufacturing, packaging, handling, shipping or storage of explosives, substances intended for use as an explosive, ammunition, fuses, arms, magnesium, propellant charges, detonating devices, fireworks, nitroglycerin, celluloid, or pyroxylin
  • Aviation operations including pilots or flying personnel
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission projects or operations conducted under license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Sport teams
  • Asbestos removal
  • Underground mining or strip mining
  • Wrecking or demolition of buildings, structures or vessels
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Sewer, subway or water main construction, shaft sinking or tunneling
  • Caisson or coffer dam work; dam, dike, lock or revetment construction
  • Subaqueous work
  • Primarily railroad operation or construction